Thursday, 26 September 2013

Social media and the blogger

I finally succumbed to a Facebook page for my jewellery. If you would like to 'like' it that would be very nice. I called it Melinda Young Contemporary Jewellery. I also post (extremely) regularly on Instagram and enjoy the creative community there very much, I have meet some truly lovely people via this image sharing forum and find it inspiring, amusing and a great way to share visual thoughts and my work. I'm unnaturaljeweller if you fancy looking me up.
It is difficult though to maintain all these things, hence blog posts have become increasingly sporadic this year as I try to juggle the busy, busy business of business and life. Making jewellery, teaching, being someone's Mum and partner. In many ways all this technology at our fingertips enabling us to share what we do personally and with immediacy makes life for makers more exciting, yet at the same time when is it all too much? I'm trying now to decide what to do about my website - it's lovely but it's out of date. I know I need one, but how much and what do I need?
I know I'm not the only one asking thes questions and I wonder what you do?

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marianne horton said...

I looked around for ages before settling on Squarespace. They have an amazing selection of beautiful templates and I managed to set up the whole thing by myself ( i am computer literate but absolutely a novice when it comes to this sort of thing)
I am really happy with it and have had positive feedback. Still stuff to work out ( it is a steep learning curve) but if you don't want to pay someone to set it up or to maintain it, then certainly worth taking a look :-)