Tuesday, 30 June 2009

le fil blog

Exhibition curator Kath Fries has started a blog for le fil (the thread) it is so exciting and inspiring to read about and see the works by the other makers in the exhibition - can't wait to see it all up at gaffa at the end of next month! 

Sunday, 28 June 2009

More Sydney Design 09... alter ego

Also as part of Sydney Design 09 I have been invited to be a part of the exhibition alter ego - the other I curated by the fabulous Zoe Brand. It is such a fantastic premise for an exhibition and a real challenge for the makers involved. I am so excited about stepping out of my comfort zone for this exhibition... and to be exhibiting with some of my favourite designers. Read more about the exhibition here It will be held at gaffa gallery from 14-22 August. 
August is going to be busy!!!

Workshop at Sydney Design 09

metalab have invited me to run a Take a ball of thread... workshop as part of Sydney Design 09 on Saturday August 2nd from 1-4pm. It should be lots of fun! Click here for more details.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Home on the range... and on jubilee!

My work arrived home from Adelaide today. I was amazed by how many pieces there are! I am seriously behind in blogging them all, so as I am stuck at home recovering from some surgery at the moment (I have been promised more pictures), I will set to and try to catch up before some of the threadiest go off to be a part of the exhibition Le Fil (the thread) curated by Kath Fries at gaffa gallery next month.  

Here's a start: Coil Brooch... (not the most imaginative name perhaps!) 
This piece along with some of my other works can now be seen on the Japanese gallery website Jubilee.
I am so delighted to have been invited by Masako to be a part of this wonderful website, not the least because there are some amazing jewellers are represented there including one of my all time favourites: Mikiko Minewaki! Thank you Masako. 

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Installation at Zu Design

I have been such a bad blogger recently - so many projects on the go and time has flown by. The exhibition has been taken down at Zu Design, so here are the installation images I should have posted long ago... The pink work looked amazing on the blue walls of the gallery! 
Big thanks to the wonderful Jane and Roman for having the exhibition at Zu and to friends in Adelaide for their support and encouragement, especially to Lauren for looking after me so well as always.