Friday, 30 April 2010

Some more thread work that isn't pink... and winter brooches

I have been busy making thread neckpieces recently. Some of them have been in response to and are currently being shown alongside Fiona Tan's Disorient work at the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation in Paddington.  My work is presented there by Pablo Fanque.  Here is one of the neckpieces:

I am also working on a new collection of work for an exhibition at Object Gallery, curated by Kylie Johnston, that opens in August. It is called Blue. A group of 9 makers have been asked to respond to a phrase or saying related to 'blueness'. Mine is "Into the Blue", so into the blue I am going, with a collection of neckpieces and brooches using blue thread and semi-precious stones....  It is proving to be an exciting challenge as I am usually drawn to working with warmer colours! 


Here are some brooches that I have just completed for the Winter Brooches 2010 exhibition at Studio 20/17 which opens on Tuesday 4 May. 

There are some amazing artists in these exhibitions and I feel very privileged to have been invited to participate in them!