Saturday, 7 August 2010

Craft Australia survey

Do you have a creative Micro Business??? The folks at Craft Australia has recently launched Share Your Stories, a national survey for creative micro enterprises. The survey is designed to capture data about the contribution that creative micro enterprises make to the economy. According to Craft Australia, micro enterprises are amongst the fastest growing areas of business in this country.  The contribution to the economy generated by such industries is not well documented, even less so when it comes to creative industries. 

Craft Australia is the national peak advocacy organisation promoting Australian craft and design practice. The data from Share your Stories will be summarised and presented as an overall picture of Australian creative micro enterprises. This aggregated data will form the basis of advocacy activity that Craft Australia will undertake to promote this sector. 

To take part in the share your stories survey and give your feedback on what it takes to make micro a success, go to  The survey continues online till 30 August.