Thursday, 25 September 2008

dripping berry

I have been making lots of neckpieces using the wax dripped over thread and strings of various thicknesses like beads, returning to some of the techniques and ideas I was exploring at the end of last year (this is the only one I have photographed so far). The little wax conglomerations are very raspberry-like on many of the pieces and on this neckpiece I am enjoying the contrast between the fine thread, the weight of the wax and the little drip of pearls oozing out the bottom.

droplet (or suffering for one's craft)

Still on the leaky theme. This neckpiece is called Droplet. I was inspired to add the red as I stabbed my self quite badly with the needle while I was stiching this together. I have strings and strings of these beautiful vintage glass beads that I bought a few years ago in Barcelona, Spain and until I saw the droplet of blood on my finger tip the same size as one of them, I hadn't thought to use them. I am glad I did.
I like the back of this piece (second image) much better than the front.

bubbling dewy leaks

The tiny beads spilling out of these pieces remind me of dew drops, bubbles and leaks... or links of tiny, tiny instestines...


A tassel neckpiece... I have been making quite a few tassels recently - they are difficult, on many levels.

this little piggy!

A very cute pig getting in on the pink action during the brochure photshoot - used as a stand in for pink things when setting up for the photos.

Behind the scenes and some thank yous

Behind the scenes while photographing pieces for my exhibition brochure at Boccalatte

A huge thankyou is due here to Suzanne and Martin at Boccalatte for their wonderful design and photography - and also for their patience in guiding me through the exhibition brochure process... also to Bruce at Peachy Print for printing assitance.

Enormous thank yous are also due to Debbie and Amber for their fabulous catalogue essays.

I feel really blessed to have been able to work with such amazing, talented and generous people on the production of the brochure. I can't wait to see the real printed thing!

Here is a sneak preview of one of the mock ups:

...and a whole big pile of pinkness laid out at the end of the day.

more blooms...

I have re-made the Blossom neckpiece. It was one of the very first pieces I made as part of this project and one of the first pieces to use the NYC pink wax. At the time I made it I was really happy with it, but over the past few months it slipped from favour and ended up in my rejects box. Francesca from Pablo Fanque made a lovely comment about the original and this inspired me to take another look and resulted in this re-make. I think it has benefited from my increased confidence and skill level using the materials - particularly in the string-making department. The original was on untwined thread and this is on a nicely spun string. It is also double the size of the original - I am no longer afraid to go BIG!


Spring is sprung and these neckpieces have a decidedly springy feel to them - they remind me of Chrysanthemums. I have been making lots of neckpieces recently as I felt like I was getting stuck in broochland...

catching up...

These are some piecs that I made a little while ago but haven't photographed until now.
The neckpiece below is called Gangs it is one of two neckpieces that have been French knitted. I posted about making them while watching Gangs of New York a while ago - it is extremely long...

This is Lure, a more recent brooch that was next to impossible to photograph - the beads oozing out of it are the most vividly eye hurting fluorescent pink... pilfered from a fishing tackle box many years ago, they have been glowing quietly in box of bits and bobs just waiting to be made into something alluring.

This is the result of an experiment gone wrong, but somehow ending up right - I was trying to make a big hollow ball using a condom. The glue ate through the condom as it was hanging out to dry overnight and the ball collapsed and set in this lovely nest shape. I have added a silver brooch back through the tangles, wax and pearls.

This brooch is called Muff. It's sister piece Merkin has a starring role in the brochure being produced to go with my exhibition. Muff is very, well, muffy really it has a lovely movement when worn.

One of the very first looped thread pieces made way back in May - this is a transition from using pearls and coral to using thread ropes. It is very small and very loopy. It seems sparse and strange now against the denser looped pieces I have been making recently.