Sunday, 2 March 2008

working hard... not posting as much as I should be!

Despite promising myself I would post again soon... I have fallen even futher behind. I have been working extremely hard though, on the pink project and also on a little collection I have called it's not easy being green which is for a mini, mini solo showcase at the A&E Metal Merchants Sydney showroom for a month starting Monday 9 march and then moving to a showcase in the Powerhouse Museum store - exciting! I have made about 30 pieces (not sure if they will all fit...) a mixture of production and one-off exhibition works - all GREEN! There really does seem to be a colour thing happening with me... I photographed the green things this weekend and will post a few images soon along with the back log of pink things I have made over the summer. They will be posted on my website too - the main thing that has been keeping me away from my blog! I tend to allocate computer time and it's all been used working on web stuff and learning how to use new things like Flickr. It should be live soon so back to bloggin'
Meanwhile while here is a hideously colourful bench shot I took today

- I will never use my yummy new red tray to take photos on again - but I do kind of like the garishness at the same time! In the photo are a few of the pink things I have been playing with - paint blobs, string balls with fabric glue, string balls with wax and a guest appearance by a green wax brooch from it's not easy being green

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