Tuesday, 18 March 2008

the cat's in the cradle and the silver moon

The fabulous Anna Davern made a vary valid comment on one of my earlier posts that other materials seemed to have taken over from the pink thread. I am the first to admit this is true! One of the purposes of the project for me was to discover new ways of working and materials and I have gotten rather carried away with the wax I will confess - it just speaks to me on so many different levels. I haven't been ignoring the thread for thread's sake though. Here are some of the successful results of hollow balls for a neckpiece that I made during January. The balls are are just made of thread dipped in PVA glue and are about 75mm in diameter. they remind me of making cats cradles with string as a child.
I am waiting until the weather cools down a little before I complete this
piece as it's very hot in my studio and the glue is drying too fast (also it exploded out of the bottom onto my studio roof the last time I tried to squeeze some out, so I need to buy more!) Stay tuned...

One of the best things about these was how much fun they were to photograph using the macro setting!

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