Sunday, 23 March 2008

pink thready balls

I know I said earlier that I wasn't going to take any more pictures on my red tray. But I couldn't resist this one! The colour has done something totally strange and is well beyond my limited photoshop abilities to correct, although I had fun trying all the different filters.

This is a pink thread and wax ball and part of a neckpiece I am working on as well as a series of little brooches. They really bring the thread to the fore with the NYC Pink wax used more as a binder and detail than the main body of the piece. Images of the neckpiece when it is complete... could be a few weeks, the balls take ages to make, and I keep dripping sizzling hot wax on my fingers. The sizzle really helps the wax to seep right through the ball of thread though. Ah, suffering for one's art (ahem!) My finger are becoming increasingly teflon coated as this project continues.

Below are two of the brooches I have made from the balls. I have been wearing one of these and it's great fun!

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