Sunday, 23 March 2008

A Parure for Louise Bourgeois has some adventures

Finally I am posting the other pieces made as part of the Rubies and Pearls for Louise Bourgeois Parure. I should have posted them at the end of last year when I made them, but they have been away on holidays with the JMGA NSW Profile exhibition. Firstly to Adelaide at the National Wine Centre for the JMGA Conference and then in Sydney at Horus and Deloris Gallery. I was extremely fortunate not only to have been selected to be a part of such a beautiful exhibition, but also to have my work chosen by Horus and Deloris to use for the exhibition publicity and invitation. Then to really top it all off I won the Established Artist award attached to the exhibition. I am still astounded... but so extremely moved that my work was selected out of such an outstanding exhibition for this inaugural award. I was speechless at the opening when the award was given and it still hasn't really sunk in.

I would like to take the opportunity here to thank the huge team of dedicated volunteers from JMGA NSW who organised and made this exhibition possible including Jane Bowring, Jane Reynolds, Brenda Factor, JMGA NSW Chair Karin Findeis, Valerie Odewahn, Alice & Amelia Whish, Erin Keys, Sue Lorraine and Catherine Truman. In a volunatry organisation it is all about the sums of everyone's parts - so thank you to everyone who was involved in Profile 2008. Thanks too to the judges Margaret West and Tracey Clement and Margaret and Caz at Horus and Deloris for their support. Congratulations to Bridget Kennedy who won the emerging award and to Bridie Lander and Karin Jacobsen who were Highly Commended in the Established and Emerging categories respectively.

Rubies and Pearls for Louise Bourgeois Parure comprised the neckpiece posted earlier:

A brooch:

Earrings: And a ring which I will add images of soon... they didn't come out very well!

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