Friday, 28 March 2008

like a bird on the wire...

I have a bit of a bird issue - blame falls squarely on the shoulders of watching Hitchcock's The Birds at an open air cinema for this mild phobia. Anyway, I am trying to get over it - so here is a sweet little brooch with a pink birdie on a branch made from pink thread soaked in wax. I really find that I have an uneasy relationship with the little bird above, it is cute, but it is kind of creepy at the same time. It, and its little friends below, are cast from a cake decorating mould that caught my eye
in the window of a cake supplies shop whilst wandering through the wilds of Camperdown, what possessed me to walk in and make a random cake icing mould purchase on the way to buy a blow up bed at the camping supplies store will remain a mystery... so I have had the mould for a while and eventually last year I got around to making some waxes from it, with the idea to cast silver birds and turn them into brooches. I cast the silver birds ages ago and they are still tweeting plaintively from my bench to be made into jewellery (in the to-do basket), and I kept some pink waxes as well... the waxes are far more appealing to me than the silver versions - perhaps it is the colour, but more likely the weight I suspect - as they are feather light. So I have made a few brooches with the pink thread and the little pink birds. Below is a bird in a nest with its partner bringing more nesting material.

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