Monday, 26 January 2009

some sketches.

Here are some preparatory sketches done for the work made for the exhibition at Craft Victoria. Ever the obsessive drawer, I have begun drawing the work as a way of both documenting and planning as well as staying focussed on the project - previously the pieces were made intuitively, however now I am so familiar with process and materials I have been having ideas thick and fast - faster than I can make, so drawing has helped. It has been interesting that many of the designs that worked on paper have not been at all successful in reality. The painted drawings use the left over paint from some of the new work I have been making, I found some blocks of huon pine in a review of the contents of my studio and have started to work with this as a new material - I have been painting the backs and in some cases the front of this work. (I have also been developing a rather strong curiosity for the interior of envelopes recently...)



Anonymous said...

oh mel...these sketches are beautiful!!!! love love love them...michelex

Melinda Young said...

thank you - not nearly as lovely as yours though... xxx

cathy said...

Hi Melinda
I love seeing your sketches everyday when I look at kit and caboodle, thanks for letting me link them. It is really interesting to get an insight into the design process, and the sketches are so beautiful.
It is just fabulous that you put them up for us all to have a peek at.

Catherine Marche said...

marvellous sketches,
I so know what you mean when you say you get ideas faster than you can make them.
I find it very remarkable that you lready know the price it will cost at the sketching phase. Well done

Melinda Young said...

Hi Cathy and Catherine
Thanks for your lovely comments.
I annotate the sketches before, during and after I have made the work - hence the squishy writing. Pricing always comes last, when I have finished making a piece!
all the best