Monday, 26 January 2009

exhibition opening at Craft Victoria

Here are some images of the exhibition opening for Take a ball of thread... at Craft Victoria on Thursday 22 January 2009. These images are from Craft Victoria's Facebook gallery, I will be uploading some of mine showing installation etc soon. A huge thank you to Nella Themelios and all at Craft Victoria for being so welcoming, helpful and generally wonderful! I would also like to thank Debbie Pryor for her wonderful opening speech; Eric, Debbie, Cesar & Nina for helping me to install the show as well as Mark & Francesca for being such a wonderful support as always.


handmadelife said...

oh the work looks fantastic - I cant wait to get in to see it in person, hope the opening went really well - congratulations!

Melinda Young said...

Thank you, thank you! I am such HUGE fan of Handmadelife. Hope you get to see the exhibition.