Sunday, 16 September 2012

Coffee love at Studio 20/17

I have work in the upcoming exhibition For the love of coffee curated by Zoe Brand at Studio 20/17

Anyone who knows me well knows that I need to be appropriately caffeinated with two cups each and every day or I don't function.  So it's quite an appropriate exhibition for me! I thought long and hard about what I would make in response to such a ritualised addiction in my life and came up with a response to beginnings, thoughts and conversation. An opportunity to do some painting - a place to start and make some simple threaded work as a response - a string of thoughts. Here are the pieces:

A place to start.
The beginning of the day.
The beginning of a friendship.
The beginning of an idea, a thing.
A string of thoughts.
Fuel for making. 

For the love of coffee features work by Vernon Bowden, Karen Thompson, Erin Keys & Regine Middleton, Mary Hackett, Alice Potter, Bic Tieu, Linda Blair, Nina Baker, Barbara Cotter, Elizabeth Shaw,  Melinda Young, Regine Schwarzer and runs from 2 - 13 October at Studio 20/17 with opening drinks & artist talks on Saturday 6 October from 4 - 6pm. 

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