Sunday, 19 August 2012

Some almost spring brightness.

The jasmine in the garden is starting to bloom and its sweet scent is filling the house. My heart sings at this moment each year as it means that spring has almost sprung! 

With spring around the corner, so too the next instalment of my unnatural jewelling adventures with Lauren Simeoni looms (at Craft Victoria in October). My studio is starting to fill with brightly coloured new work and again I am enjoying the simple pleasure that comes with repetition. The piece below is sliced, drilled sections from inside a flower bouquet threaded with freshwater pearls and a plastic flower cast in silver and coloured with enamel paint. I have been doing lots of casting from my collection of plastic plant bits and am enjoying both their silvery presence and returning colour to them with paint. 


michele aka the tiny said...

oh so beautiful! I love itxxx

Melinda Young said...

Thank you my lovely! xxx