Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Having a small person in my life has changed lots of things. I have mentioned a few changes to the sources of inspiration. Here is another. My favourite thing about children's television. The Tittifers from In the Night Garden, just them, not the entire show, I just love the few seconds per episode that they appear...

This was the best picture I could find on the interwebs - the colours are much, much more vivid... and they are just so beautifully weird : )

I have just made a few new neckpieces in what I have been referring to as 'Tittifer Pink'...


After posting this I arrived home to find a parcel from my dear friend and unnatural jewelling co-conspirator Lauren Simeoni. In it was a bunch of fabulous fake frou-frou in Tittifer Pink! An exact match to the pieces I have been making. Oh, happy serendipity. Below is an excitedly taken mobile phone picture of a neckpiece and blooms. 

And a more formal studio shot of one of the completed neckpieces...
Melinda Young, Pink Smile Neckpiece, 2012, Vintage Plastic Buckle, Stone, Coral, Jade, Freshwater Pearls, Glass, Plastic, Glitter Ball, Sequins, 925 Silver

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