Monday, 12 September 2011

sneak peek...

I have been a busy, busy lady this year making, making, making (and not blogging...) My work has undergone a bit of an evolution over the past twelve or so months and I will try to catch it all up on here so that where it was and where it is now make some sort of visual sense. Anyway, here are some recent pieces. My work is getting bigger, bolder and more gestural and I am enjoying exploring colour (as usual) alongside texture, weight, movement and form. I have been doing lots of visual research into traditional jewellery from the Pacific and South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa as well as the plant life I encounter on my daily walks. 
This neckpiece is part of my new body of work for Unnatural Tendencies, the latest instalment in my collaborative jewellery adventure with Lauren Simeoni which opens at Fingers in Auckland on October 3. You can read more about what we have been up to this year on our unnatural, naturally blog... I have been a little better at keeping that updated (sort of...)

Kirsch Neckpiece, 2011; Garnets, Artificial Plant Foliage, Wood
Length: 3 metres

Bushy Neckpieces, 2011; Artificial Plant Foliage, Wood
Deflowered Lei, 2011; Artificial Plant Foliage (Indian Wedding Garland), Plastic, Wood
Deflowered Garland, 2011; Artificial Plant Foliage (Indian Wedding Garland), Wood
Length: 5 metres

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