Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Art of Engagement

Last year some of my most favourite New Zealand jewellers curated an exhibition featuring the work of some other most favourite New Zealand jewellers! It was held at gaffa Gallery in October, sadly I was indisposed and didn't get to see it, but the lovely ladies sent me the fabulous exhibition catalogue. 
Here is a description from the Touch, Pause, Engage blog:
Curated by Kristin D’Agostino and Raewyn Walsh, Touch, Pause, Engage, invited a diverse team of fifteen New Zealand jewellers to submit inventive and inspired works.  Although many of the makers’ practices focus on different issues and are expressed in a wide range of forms, the side is fit and game ready.  The roster is comprised of talented individuals with varying skills, strengths and experience, but who all share in common the goal of pushing the experimental aspects of their jewellery practice.
These folks are all kinds of awesome and incredibly inspiring in both their jewellery practices and also the activities they get up to, from the regular geek meets (one of which Lauren Simeoni and I were lucky enough to be invited to last year) to fantastic projects like Subliminal Infiltrations. Passion and humour! 
This year Kristin and Raewyn have curated a home game The Art of Engagement featuring the work of 15 Australian jewellers to show at Objectspace in Auckland during February alongside the original New Zealand 15 who showed in Sydney last year. I was beyond chuffed to be invited to participate alongside many of my favourite Australian jewellers! here's the piece I sent over to play:

Flow, 2010, Sewing Thread, Coral

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