Sunday, 2 May 2010

make believe

May marks the annual 'make' exhibition at gaffa gallery featuring work by a whole bunch of us who work at, or have worked at Object, Australian Centre for Craft and Design. It is always a really fun exhibition to be a part of and a great opportunity for us all to catch up on each others news and of course artistic endeavours of the past year. The exhibition is also a chance for some of us to step outside the comfort zone of our day-to-day practice and experiment with new media, materials and messages in our making.
This year I have been working on a fun photographic collaboration with Kylie Johnston which poses a tongue in cheek challenge to the catch cry of 'sustainability' that seems to permeate the creative landscape and social media. It seems to us that sustainability has become a fashion statement rather than a desire to actually be sustainable.

Our work is titled Sustainability... is it all make believe. Here is our little 'manifesto':
Sustainability has become a term that informs our choice of what to buy, wear, make, travel and communiacte in our contemporary lives. Are we in danger of over-use, to the point where it is a meaningless term? Have we made sustainability unsustainable?

Each generation has a catch-cry that reflects the ideas that were at the forefront of peoples minds... is this ours? And how will it look in 50 years... were we all hopeful of massive change under a slogan, or is it simply a soundbite? You be the judge... become an urban agitator and pose the question yourself.
And here is an image:


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michele aka the tiny said...

brilliant! That image looks so so great...x