Friday, 26 June 2009

Home on the range... and on jubilee!

My work arrived home from Adelaide today. I was amazed by how many pieces there are! I am seriously behind in blogging them all, so as I am stuck at home recovering from some surgery at the moment (I have been promised more pictures), I will set to and try to catch up before some of the threadiest go off to be a part of the exhibition Le Fil (the thread) curated by Kath Fries at gaffa gallery next month.  

Here's a start: Coil Brooch... (not the most imaginative name perhaps!) 
This piece along with some of my other works can now be seen on the Japanese gallery website Jubilee.
I am so delighted to have been invited by Masako to be a part of this wonderful website, not the least because there are some amazing jewellers are represented there including one of my all time favourites: Mikiko Minewaki! Thank you Masako. 

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