Monday, 26 November 2007

on my lapel

One of the most influential early pieces of writing I read when a jewellery student was written by Julie Ewington and was titled "On my Lapel" (from memory it was a paper from JMGA conference in the early 90's...) anyway it is a wonderful piece of writing that discusses the significance of the jewels we wear and is very much situated in the context of the theoretical concerns of the time - I now always give it to my first year students to read and it has, somewhat randomly inspired the title of this post. This also reminds me to register for the 2008 JMGA conference in lovely Adelaide very exciting - details at
Now for the piece - it's a lapel pin made with... you guessed it! NYC Pink casting wax, a pearl and pink thread with a silver pin.

I can't even begin to describe why I find this wax and pearl combination so appealing, in so many ways...

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